Kate Bandey MRCVS offers a dedicate equine veterinary breeding service to individual clients and studs in Hampshire and Berkshire. She will work alongside your own regular vet to assist you in reaching your breeding goals.

Kate is an experienced stud vet and she can help you with all aspects of the breeding process. Whether you are considering natural cover or artificial insemination, Kate can guide you through the process. She will advise you on your options and help you make the best choice for your mare to help you achieve breeding success.  



Natural cover

Kate will scan your mare throughout her cycle to determine the best time for your mare to visit the stallion. She will liaise with the stud where your chosen stallion is standing to arrange a covering slot, taking all the hassle out of your hands.


Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is performed using either fresh, chilled or frozen semen. Kate is hugely experienced in performed AI and co-ordinating the ordering of semen to coincide with your mare’s ovulation. When inseminating a mare with frozen semen, the timing of insemination is even more critical as it has to performed within six hours of ovulation. We can store frozen semen for you, ready to be used when your mare is close to ovulating.


Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer can be performed in sport-horses who are actively competing or in mares who are unable to carry their own foal to term. The ‘donor’ mare is inseminated as normal and, around 8 days later, the uterus is flushed to search for an embryo. If successful,  the embryo is then transferred into the ‘recipient’ mare. Kate can perform all aspects of embryo transfer, she will advise you on the suitability of a mare for use as a recipient or put you in touch with a dedicate recipient herd where your embryo can be sent for transfer.



Stallion Services

Kate works closely with Ben Dunning at Rozel Breeding Centre, near Southampton, to offer a full stallion service. Your stallion can be trained to use the dummy, his semen can be fully assessed and tested to find the best extenders to use for chilling and freezing, and semen can be frozen and stored for future use. Your stallion will need to have certain health tests done before he can be taken for dummy training, Kate can perform these for you at your yard or advise your own vet on what needs to be done.