Plantation Farm is an established training facility for flat and National Hunt racehorses. With a fabulous five-furlong all-weather hill gallop, a deep sand round gallop, a large indoor school and acres of farmland to hack around, our horses have a varied and enjoyable training regime, bringing them to peak fitness whilst keeping the horses happy and fresh.



Richard, and his team of passionate staff, spend time getting to know every horse to give them the individual attention they deserve. Richard’s wife, Kate, is an experienced equine vet and she oversees the health and welfare of the horses, whilst Sam Burgess supports as Assistant Trainer, regularly travelling with the horses to races. Together, as a dedicated team, Richard Bandey Racing provides the highest level of care to bring out the very best performances on the racecourse.

Richard has a very hands-on approach to training the horses, he regularly rides every horse he trains to give him a genuine feel of their progress. Each horse is frequently schooled in the arena, encouraged to work in an outline and taught to jump grids and pole. This helps improve the horse’s core stability, giving them additional power and strength on the racecourse, as well as preparing them for a successful career when their racing days are over.

He has designed his yard with the horse’s best welfare and comfort in mind. Horses are naturally sociable animals, and our stables have open grid partitions and low open fronts allowing them to socialize with each other as they would do in a herd environment. We have a mechanical ventilation system to ensure that excellent airflow is maintained throughout the barn, significantly reducing the risk of airway infections. Our horses are turned out regularly to keep them fresh and happy.

Having Kate Bandey MRCVS here as an on-site vet gives owners reassurance that horses receive prompt veterinary attention should any injury or illness arise.


We have various syndicates and ownership options available. If you are interested in joining a syndicate, would like to send Richard or Kate your horse to train or would like our assistance in purchasing a racehorse on your behalf; please give us a ring to discuss your requirements.

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