At Plantation Farm we offer great training programmes tailored to the individual horse.

Richard believes that alongside training, the horse should enjoy itself too.  Therefore, welfare and general wellbeing of the horse is important to us and we would always want the very best for your horse.

As the owner, we would give you regular updates and the individual owners attention, which you deserve. We are also open in owners to come and visit their horse whenever they want, and often host owner’s lunches and other events. If you are a new owner we can also guide you through ownership set up, registration and VAT registration.

If you do not have a horse but would be interested, Richard can help you with the purchasing process. We understand that purchasing your racehorse is one of the most essential parts of ownership. Richard often attends major bloodstock sales and would be happy to help view and asses the acquired horse.   

Please visit the British Horseracing Authority for more information about ownership  at .